Friday, September 19, 2008

Slow Exposures

This weekend and next weekend, there is a photography show in Concord, Georgia called Slow Exposures. This show is a juried one where photographs were submitted and judges selected images for the show. I feel quite fortunate that one of my photos was chosen. The following is "Winter Morning Mist". It was taken in January '08 right in our front yard. The other images are also from our yard and/or front porch. Hope you enjoy and that you will be able to make the show. It is really fabulous!
Slow Exposures - September 19-21, 2008 and September 26-28
Strickland Building Concord, Georgia

The Barn

Summer Residents

I saw this tree with the mushrooms and the yellow stuff? after a rain. The yellow stuff was gone in a few days. Wish I knew what it was.

This rainbow started and ended in our yard one afternoon as Charlie and I were sitting on the porch.


Bearded Iris


Clover? This beautiful bunch comes back every year.

Gracie on the Rake

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Finally on Display

I finally got some photos to Weekend Treasures and with the help of Cyndie, have the note cards, bags and pictures displayed. I tell you what, it is work getting things ready so sell - organizing, pricing, etc. Charlie has always handled that part of the business and for a reason, he actually likes it. He has been working on the booth and the shelves on the stairs and I think he has done a good job. He is also painting a piece of furniture right now and it should be ready to go in the store very, very soon.
Here is what it all looks like:

If you don't know Weekend Treasures, it a great little shop right in downtown Griffin. I managed to get this picture of the front of the store right before the sky fell out with much needed rain.

If you are interested in any of the photos for note cards, bags or blown up to a larger size, just let me know what you would like plus the photo number. I plan to keep adding to the display so stay tuned!

I am also toying with the idea of doing custom pictures for folks. If you have a particular flower, etc. that you would like photographed to use for note cards, enlarged, etc. just drop me an email and we'll see what we can do.

Take care,

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Organizing and Sewing Again

You know, doing something with my photographs was an intriguing idea. Whew, actually doing it is a lot of work! I've cataloged the pictures, made some note cards, tags, gift bags and a purse - all of which took way more time that I thought! It was fun though. Now, to get everything to Weekend Treasures and displayed.
I have had this plan in my head about making a purse with one of my pictures on it. Well, I found material, picked the picture and did all of the necessary steps to print it on my ink jet printer. I cut it out and got ready to sew. POOF - my sewing machine died. It wasn't worth the time, effort or money to repair so I started researching replacing it. I called Alice Young from Young at Heart and she gave me one to try out. Bless her! (I will be getting a machine from her.)
Last night, I finished the purse. See what you think. You can't see it in the picture but the lining matches the plaid around the picture.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Welcome to the first blog of "bloomies,etc." Bloomies was created as an outlet for the photography (mostly macro) I have gotten hooked on since posting blogs for our antique store From Out of the Past. Since we are closing the store on July 9th, I have wondered what I could do to continue with the photography and decided to jump in there creating and see what happens. So far, I've made gift bags, tags and note cards plus blown up and framed prints. I have plans for aprons and am working on a design for a purse incorporating the flowers on fabric.

This is quite an adventure and my head keeps swirling with ideas. So stay tuned, you never know what might come up.

Below are some of my favorite pictures plus some of the projects either completed or in process.

I plan to have my products on display and sale at Weekend Treasures in Griffin next week.
On another note, From Out of the Past will only be open nine more days! Better come on if you have been thinking about anything from the store. We have a 30% off sale going right now.

Apron in progress.

Take care and stay tuned,